EBHQ Annual Meeting

EBHQ Annual Meeting and Voting

The Executive Board of East Bay Heritage Quilters calls the 2020 Annual Meeting for May 30, 2020 and announces the following slate of candidates for the 2020-2021 officers: 

President: Ryan Young

Past President: Pemba Pierini

President-elect: TBA

Treasurer: Brad McCullough

Recording Secretary: Judy Armstrong 

Nominations from the floor may be made for any position by any Active Member with the written approval of the nominee. Such nominations, including nominee’s written approval, must be received by the Past President by May 20. Email to EBHQPastPresident@gmail.com or mail to Past President, East Bay Heritage Quilters, P.O. Box 6223, Albany, CA 94706. 

Voting for the slate will be accomplished through Wild Apricot (available to Active Members only) with additional information coming before May 27. Voting via Wild Apricot will open on May 27 and close on May 30. 

The annual meeting will be held on May 30 in the following way: The annual reports of the EBHQ President and the Treasurer will be posted on Wild Apricot in a members’ only section before May 30. Members will be notified by e-blast when the reports are available. 

The above is in accordance with the EBHQ Bylaws and provisions of California Executive Order N-40-20, section 11.