Ah....the web
Internet resources for a quilter....but w
hat a problem...how to spend time on the computer without using up all our quilting time! 

  • Online Classes  Here is where the young modern quilter is finding  resources.  Thread Art 

    "Fun-loving, make-no-rules art quilter Lola Jenkins will teach you her seven-step process to stitching vivid, textured images, including her signature stitch, "Lola's Wiggle." 

    Lola's quilt collages and fearless approach to design will inspire you, while her creative techniques will help you apply color and stitches to make your images pop."

  • Janet Shore (89), a founding member of EBHQ, recently gave a talk at a Santa Rosa Quilt Guild meeting.Enjoy her wonderful collection of quilts and stories from early EBHQ years through current quilting styles shown in YouTube segments.
  • Part 1      Part 2       Part 3      Part 4 

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Here the mountain is the quilt.
Hmmmm. Could one use the techniques Bobbi Finley taught us in EBHQ's October's classes to execute a design inspired by such photos?


        I was visiting my daughter and son-in-law
        when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper.

        "This is the 21st Century," he said.

        "We don't waste money on newspapers.
         Here, you can borrow my iPad."

        I can tell you, that poor fly never knew what hit it.