Workshops      Now is the time to sign up!  NEW - now you can pay for your workshops using your credit card.

Workshops are a favorite perk of EBHQ. You will meet a world-class fabrics/design teacher in a small group setting (no more than 24 people). The workshop space at 980 Stannage is airy and bright. Exposure to new techniques will inspire you and you will go home energized from the creative and social workout.

Need to do some shopping for supplies for a class? Check with one of our retail affiliates to see if they have what you need. The yearly membership dues our affiliates pay help to support our guild and the good work we do. 

Workshops are from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The workshop space opens at 8:00am if you want to arrive early.

January, 2020:  Kevin Kosbab

Saturday Workshop, January 25: Alphablocks Quilt

Traditional pieced units—Half-Square Triangles, Drunkard’s Path, Triangle in a Square, and more—are the building blocks for this modern alphabet sampler.

Students may work towards the 26-block quilt (49" × 58") or a runner/banner spelling out a word or name. Full-color pattern ($16, payable in class) contains detailed cutting and piecing instructions for all 26 letters, complete alphabet quilt, and suggestions for runners or banners.

We’ll cover all the main piecing techniques in the workshop so you’ll be able to finish the remaining blocks confidently. We’ll also look at color choices to create the translucent effects seen in the sample quilt. 

Monday Workshop, January 27: Atomic Quilting  -  CANCELLED

February, 2020: Laura Wasilowski

Saturday Workshop, February 22: Accidental Artist

When you design quilts as you go, you embrace serendipity and become an “accidental artist”. Learn several methods of creating fused quilt designs in an improvisational manner. Begin with a heap of pre-fused fabric scraps from Laura’s stash to trigger your design ideas. Learn various systems for constructing your artwork and put your colorful fabric kit to good use. You’ll create and learn as you go. It’s fun to design on the fly!

Monday Workshop, February 24: Free Stitched Embroidery Landscapes

Densely hand stitched, these small landscape vignettes are created from your original design. They are made with cotton threads and free stitched on hand-dyed silk fabric. The vignettes are rich in color and texture and marks by the maker. You’ll learn about fabric and batting choices, how to transfer your design to the silk, the threads and needles best for stitching, and how to devise embroidery stitch combinations unique to your design. It is a slow, thoughtful, tempo of making intimate art work.

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

March, 2020: Pati Fried

Saturday Workshop, March 28: Tweaking Tradition, One Block at a Time

Whether you love traditional or modern quilts, or something in between, there is historical design aspects of all quilt styles that are tried and true. This workshop is an opportunity to push the boundaries of time honored, traditional block design to the edge - where original ideas are found. By following a step-by-step method and being given permission to alter and explore, creative design originality will emerge. Discussions on how to create an original quilt design with these new blocks will also be part of the workshop. 

Monday Workshop, March 30: The Fifth Layer

The fifth layer isn't just about baubles and beads. It is consciously adding the finishing elements to the 4 layers of a quilt that you worked so hard on. This is your opportunity to bring the quilt to life by enhancing and emphasizing specific areas, add movement and texture, and to create a conversation between the viewer and your work. We will spend the day exploring unusual ways to add interest to your work with fabric manipulation, embroidery and big stitch thread work, inks and stamps, and yes, a few baubles and beads. Students are encouraged to bring an unfinished work to discuss in individual conferences on how to add a successful 5th layer.

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

April, 2020: Heather Pregger

Saturday Workshop, April 25From Inspiration to Abstraction

You CAN use an existing piece of art to inspire your own original creation. In this class, students will come to class with pictures of OTHER people’s artwork — paintings, sculptures, buildings or even another quilter’s art. We will discover ways of looking at the work and extracting ideas that will inspire us to create something entirely original.

Monday Workshop, April 27: Pieced Iconography

Heather Pregger loves to make quilts using a repeated pieced motif, the tuning fork. Discover your personal symbol and how to use it to make an effective, beautiful, and
meaningful quilt.