Workshops      Now is the time to sign up!  NEW - now you can pay for your workshops using your credit card.

Workshops are a favorite perk of EBHQ. You will meet a world-class fabrics/design teacher in a small group setting (no more than 24 people). The workshop space at 980 Stannage is airy and bright. Exposure to new techniques will inspire you and you will go home energized from the creative and social workout.

Need to do some shopping for supplies for a class? Check with one of our retail affiliates to see if they have what you need. The yearly membership dues our affiliates pay help to support our guild and the good work we do. 

Workshops are from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The workshop space opens at 8:00am if you want to arrive early.

April, 2020: Heather Pregger CANCELLED ... All April, 2020 meetings and workshops have been cancelled.

Saturday Workshop, April 25From Inspiration to Abstract

You CAN use an existing piece of art to inspire your own original creation. In this class, students will come to class with pictures of OTHER people’s artwork — paintings, sculptures, buildings or even another quilter’s art. We will discover ways of looking at the work and extracting ideas that will inspire us to create something entirely original.

Monday Workshop, April 27: Pieced Iconography

Heather Pregger loves to make quilts using a repeated pieced motif, the tuning fork. Discover your personal symbol and how to use it to make an effective, beautiful, and meaningful quilt.

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

May, 2020: Katie Fowler

Saturday Workshop, May 16Down the Rabbit Hole

Supply List

Expect to be reacquainted with your imagination in this special workshop. We will use a variety of experiences specifically designed to reconnect you with your unique creative self. This is not a “how to” class, but a hands on trip down the rabbit hole in search of each participant’s creative potential.

Students need a sketchbook, nothing specific and inexpensive markers. There is a $15/student fee for my book which we will use in the afternoon.

Monday Workshop, May 18Fearless Quilting: Paint, Layer, Stitch

Supply List

Participants make small whole cloth paintings, learning to use different materials for making marks on fabric. Color theory and the principles of design will be a big part of this experience, as will my special theory of “embrace the blob.” We will discuss creativity theories, blocks and useful techniques to push ourselves closer to creative bliss. I provide all supplies for your use. You just bring a paint shirt and your imagination!

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

June, 2020: Marjan Kluepfel

Saturday Workshop, June 27Dyed Fabrics: They're Ir-resist-able

Learn to create your own beautiful hand-dyed fabrics!

You will become familiar with the principles of color theory, fabric dyeing using Procion fiber reactive dyes, and many surface design techniques such as immersion dyeing to create color progressions or value gradations; dye painting; ice-dyeing; bleach discharge; resist techniques; shibori; stamping and stenciling.

Monday Workshop, June 29Quilted Fabric Structures

Learn how to make three-dimensional quilted fabric sculptures. In this 6-hour class you will make a quilted vase, bowl, or flower, but with the technique taught in this class, you can create many different quilted 3D shapes. Your imagination is the limit...

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here