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Workshops are a favorite perk of EBHQ. You will meet a world-class fabrics/design teacher in a small group setting (no more than 24 people). The workshop space at 980 Stannage is airy and bright. Exposure to new techniques will inspire you and you will go home energized from the creative and social workout.

Need to do some shopping for supplies for a class? Check with one of our retail affiliates to see if they have what you need. The yearly membership dues our affiliates pay help to support our guild and the good work we do.

March, 2017:  Catherine Redford

Saturday, March 25, 2017 - Modern Machine Quilting

We’ll start the day with some basic steps for machine quilting success, moving on to Catherine’s favorite walking foot quilting methods, including matchstick quilting, altered stitches, combined stitches, straight line spirals and the very popular round spiral. After lunch feed dogs will be dropped and we’ll be doodling and stitching free-motion style. Everyone’s welcome for a fun day with friends! The class will be particularly useful for the “too timid to stitch” quilters out there or “tried it and didn’t enjoy it” quilters, or maybe “just want to be better” quilters.

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Monday, March 27, 2017 - Folk Art Stitching and Embellishments

Catherine will start the day with a brief introduction to the history of ethnic embroidery before teaching the basic stitches of folk art embroidery on a printed sampler. These stitches will be embellished with the addition of extra threads and beads. Students will then learn how to transfer designs onto colored backgrounds ready to stitch at home.

Everything needed in class will be supplied in a $20 kit with the exception of scissors and a ball point pen. Please bring these two items with you. Participants can also bring their own design for transfer if they want. A fun relaxing day for all, from the complete beginner to the more advanced, serious stitcher! 

April, 2017:  Tara Faughnan

Saturday, April 22, 2017 - Color Interaction: Playing with Solids and the Importance of Value 

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Playing with color is one of the most rewarding aspects of quilt making. It can be fun, intuitive, challenging and at times frustrating. In this 6 hour class, we will explore how colors play off one another, delve into the importance of value, and learn tips for when you get stuck. Students will start with a variety of quick exercises, and move on to sewing small color studies that can be combined to make a larger quilt. Level: Intermediate 

Monday, April 24, 2017 - Creating Complex Quilts from Simple Shapes: the Basics of Pattern Drafting & the Use of Value and Color to Transform a Block

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Learn how to draft simple block patterns and create reusable freezer paper templates for precision piecing. In this class we will look at the use of value and color to create visually complex quilts from the repetition of a simple block. Come with a basic idea of a block to draft, or choose from a variety of blocks I will present. Level: Intermediate

May, 2017:  Linda Wagner

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - Strip-Pieced Water Color Quilt.

Using Strip piecing techniques, we will produce wonderful and stunning watercolor quilts. You will learn and experience working with color values. Students choose a project from 2 beginning and 2 intermediate quilts. With homework and cutting strip priMondayor to class we lay out blocks and have opportunities to improve visual impact. We will then discuss sewing blocks and set possibilities for the quilt top. Confident beginners through advanced.

Monday, May 22, 2017 - Borders. 

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So you’ve finished your blocks and the quilt is done....All that remains is to sew the blocks together and add a border. You cut an interesting fabric into larger strips, attach the strips to the 4 sides of your quilt top, and call it done. If this describes your quilt making, you are missing an opportunity to add a little extra to your quilt and create something stunning. This class will explore options that use simple techniques to create the WOW factor. You will learn a method for making a simple block. These blocks could be used to make a quilt, but we will focus on how they can make stunning borders. Once the basic method is learned, we will explore at least 6 variations. After seeing these possibilities students that bring a finished top can begin working on planning and executing blocks for borders on their specific quilt. Confident beginners through advanced.