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Workshops are a favorite perk of EBHQ. You will meet a world-class fabrics/design teacher in a small group setting (no more than 24 people). The workshop space at 980 Stannage is airy and bright. Exposure to new techniques will inspire you and you will go home energized from the creative and social workout.

Need to do some shopping for supplies for a class? Check with one of our retail affiliates to see if they have what you need. The yearly membership dues our affiliates pay help to support our guild and the good work we do. 

Workshops are from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The workshop space opens at 8:00am if you want to arrive early.

July, 2018  No workshops...enjoy your vacation

August, 2018:  Lisa Thorpe

Saturday, August 25 and repeated on Monday, August 27 - Gel Printing to Art quilt in One Day

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The morning will be devoted to creating a stack of fabric mono-prints made on small 4”x6” soft gel print plates that I provide. Lisa will show fun and easy print techniques using botanicals, stencils, and texture tools with acrylic paint rolled onto the gel print plate. You will print on a variety of pre cut fabrics that I’ll have all ready to go. After lunch you’ll use your stack of little prints to create a quick fabric collage composition using EZ steam II on felt and finish it with free motion quilting. Don’t worry if you haven’t done much art quilting all you need is a curious, creative mind.

  You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

September, 2018:  Maria Shell

Saturday, September 22 - Linear Blocks - Line into Shape

Students will use the traditional log cabin quilt block as well as other linear quilt block shapes as the starting point for creative and original compositions. Improvisational piecing, contemporary quilt design, and using lines to make shapes are all discussed in this class.

Monday, September 24 - Kitchen Sink Quilting - The ART of Making Do

All leftover fabric, UFO’S, orphan blocks, and random strips of fabric are welcome in this class. We’ll take those pieces of what not and make them into a fun improvisational masterpieces. The focus of this workshop is on bit making (creating small improvisation-ally cut and pieced traditional quilt blocks) and composition.

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here

October, 2018:  Pam Rocco

Saturday, October 27 - String Theory

Practice freehand rotary cutting while working with strings (long, thin pieces of material, often left over from other projects).  Using both scraps and new material, you’ll cut, arrange, and re-arrange strips, then sew larger units together to make original quilts.  Work small or work large, and by the end of the day you’ll have a finished project or see the way to complete it. 


Monday, October 29 - How to Make a Thumbnail Quilt

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Like a thumbnail drawing, a thumbnail quilt is simple, with few pieces, interesting shapes, and clearly-defined areas of light and dark.  Using scraps or small amounts of yardage, you will make small-scale quilt tops, roughly 36” x 36”, with fewer than 30 pieces.  The tops will all be different, reflecting the design choices of the maker.  After you experience the fun of original design, you’ll be well on your way to making more on your own. 

You may enroll and pay by credit card by clicking here