Drop-In & Meet-Up Sewing Days

Top Ten Reasons to Drop-In & Meet-Up:

  1.  It's fun!
  2.  Make friends.
  3.  Get involved with EBHQ.
  4.  Get help with projects.
  5.  Become inspired.
  6.  Learn valuable tips.
  7.  Share ideas.
  8.  Have uninterrupted quilting time.
  9.  Use large tables for pinning/basting quilts.
10.  Enjoy a potluck lunch or dinner.
Oliver Gentzsch Bult (age 2) learns about irons from his mom, Velma Gentzsch

Come join us!

Drop-ins and meet-ups are a great place to work on your own quilts or other textiles, socialize with like-minded individuals, and pick up fabric or a quilt that needs it's binding stitched down for The Deanna Davis Community Quilt Project.

Bring your projects and sewing machine, if needed. Available for use are design boards, irons and ironing boards plus raised tables that are great for layering and pin basting larger quilts. Our EBHQ members love to share hints and helpful advice at drop-ins if you want input.

For Drop-In and Meet-Up dates, check the EBHQ Calendar.

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