EBHQ History

From July 25-28, 1984 Special Edition of The Friendship Knot

Founded in 1978, East Bay Heritage Quilters is a nonprofit organization committed to preserving and continuing the traditions, culture, and history of quilting, sponsoring and supporting quilting activities, and contributing to the growth and knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, and patterns through our meetings and exhibits.....more

Our First Quilt Show-October 7-8, 1978

By Joan Sextro

Can you imagine founding a guild in June and staging a major show in October? EBHQ did just that in 1978. Presented by EBHQ and sponsored by Fir Branch of Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the show was held at the Scottish Rite in Oakland. This splendid historic building served as a backdrop for “Quilts: An American History.” The show consisted of one room filled with 85 antique quilts and a second room filled with 32 quilts made by students in Roberta Horton’s theme quilt classes from Berkeley, Albany, Acalanes and Piedmont Adult Schools. ...more

A History of an Early EBHQ Symposium

When East Bay Heritage Quilters was founded six years ago, we dreamed of sponsoring a symposium for the benefit of our members. "Growth Through Diversity" represents the fulfillment of that dream....more

EBHQ History . . .Partnerships, Exhibitions, and Symposiums, Oh My!

By Joan Sextro

With the great success of the first show at the Oakland Scottish Rite Temple, in 1978, the guild sought ways to continue public exhibitions. Finding a new venue took an interesting path. Helen Goeriz’s husband’s brother had gone to high school with Phil Linhares, then curator of the art gallery at Mills College. He showed an avid interest in the concept of a quit exhibit, so the board took a look at the gallery space and the partnership was formed....more

Voices in Cloth 

By Joan Sextro

Voices in Cloth began in 1991; the following reminiscences are from several past event chairs and key volunteers, explaining how the event started and how it evolved to what it is today ..more