Library Books sorted by category

Always There--The African American Presence in American Quilts, by Benberry, Cuesta, 1992
Art of African Textiles, The, by Clarke, Duncan
Gee's Bend: The Women & Their Quilts, by Arnett, William et al., 2002
Hidden in Plain View, by Tobin, Dobard & Raymond, Jacqueline
Let It Shine: Improvisation in African-American Star Quilts, by Leon, Eli
No Two Alike: African-American Improvisations on a Traditional Patchwork Pattern, by Leon, Eli
Signs & Symbols: African Images in African American Quilts, by Wahlman, Maude Southwell, 2001
Something Else to See: Improvisational Bordering Styles in African-American Quilts, by Leon, Eli
Spirits of the Cloth: Contemporary African American Quilts, by Mazloomi, Carolyn
Stitched From the Soul-Slave Quilts from the American South, by Fry, Gladys Marie
Stitching Memories: African-American Story Quilts, by Grudin, Eva Ungar, 1990
Who'd A Thought It--Improvisation in African-American Quilts, by Leon, Eli, 1987

Amish Adventure, An: A Workbook for Color in Quilts, by Horton, Roberta, 1983
Amish Crib Quilts, by Pellman, Rachael & Kenneth, 1985
Amish Quilt, The, by Granick, Eve Whitcroft
Gallery of Amish Quilts, A, by Bishop, Robert & Safanda, Elizabeth, 1976
Mennonite Quilts and Pieces, by Tomlonson, Judy Schroeder, 1985
Plain and Simple--A Woman's Journey to the Amish, by Bender, Sue, 1989
Quilts from the Indiana Amish, by Pottinger, David
Treasury of Amish Quilts, A, by Pellman, Rachel & Kenneth
World of Amish Quilts, The, by Pellman, Rachel & Kenneth, 1984

Applique Delights, by Goldsmith, Becky & Jenkins, Linda
Applique Inside the Lines, by Armstrong, Carol
Applique Sampler, The, by Jenkins, Linda & Goldsmith, Becky
Applique in Bloom, by Swain, Gabrielle, 1994
Art & Technique of Applique, The, by Benson, Jeanne, 1991
Baltimore Album Quilts, by Sienkiewicz, Elly, 1990
Baltimore Beauties & Beyond, by Sienkiewicz, Elly
Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Machine Applique, by Noble, Maurine, 1998
Best of Baltimore Beauties, The, by Sienkiewicz, Elly
Cutwork Applique, by Patera, Charlotte, 1983
Hand Applique with Alex Anderson, by Anderson, Alex, 2001
Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts, by Buechel, Jenefer
Picture This!, by Stein, Marcia, 2010
Shadow Redwork with Alex Anderson, by Anderson, Alex, 2001

Baby & Children's
Crib Quilts & Other Small Wonders, by Woodard, Thomas K. & Greenstein, Blanche, 1981
Fourteen Easy Baby Quilts, by Dittman, Margaret, 1992
More Quilts for Baby, by Reikes, Ursula
Quilts for Baby, by Reikes, Ursula, 1994
Quilts for Kids, by Palmer, Carolann, 1994

Focus on Batiks, by Smiley, Jan Bode

Art of Fabric Collage, by Eichorn, Rosemary
Art to Wear with Asian Flair, by Kimura, Stephanie Masae, 2001
Easy Reversible Vests, by Doak, Carol, 1995
Fiberarts Book of Wearable Art, by Aimone, Katharine Duncan, 2002
Jacket Jazz Encore, by Murrah, Judy, 1994
Koos Couture Collage: Inspiration & Technique, by Teufel, Linda Chang, 2002
Make Your Own Japanese Clothes: Patterns & Ideas for Modern Wear, by Marshall, John, 1988
More Jazz from Judy Murrah, by Murrah, Judy
Options…Details for Creative Sewing, by Ericson, Lois, 2002
Pieced Clothing, by Porcella, Yvonne, 1980
Pieced Clothing Variations, by Porcella, Yvonne, 1981
Quilted Clothing, by Laury, Jean Ray, 1982
Quilted Clothing, by Laury, Jean Ray, 1982
Quilts to Wear, by Avery, Virginia
Riva, by Reynolds, Ruth
Wearable Art for Real People, by Mashuta, Mary, 1989

Collections & Exhibits
1995 Quilt Show & Contest, by AQS (publisher), 1995
500 Art Quilts, by Intro: Karey Patterson Bresenhan (editor), 2010
55 Famous Quilts from the Shelburne Museum, by Oliver, Celia Y., Ed., 1990
5th Quilt Nihon Exhibition, The, , 1998
Abstract Design in American Quilts--A Biography of an Exhibition, by Holstein, Jonathan, 1991
American Quilts: A Handmade Legacy, by Frye, L. Thomas (editor), 1981
Amish Abstractions, by Pomegranate Communications Inc. (publisher), 2010
Art Quilt, The, by McMorris, Penny & Kile, Michael, 1986
Art Quilts: Playing with a Full Deck, by Pierce, Sue & Suit, Verna, 1994
Artist, The & The Quilt, by Robinson, Charlotte (editor), 1983
Celebrate the Tradition with C&T Publishing, by C&T (publisher), 2004
Dancing at the Louvre: Fath Ringgold's French Collection & Other Story Quilts, by Ringgold, Faith, 1998
Esprit Quilt Collection, The, by Silber, Julie, 1985
Fabric Gardens: An International Exhibition of Quilts at Expo '90, , 1990
Fiber Expressions: The Contemporary Quilt, by Quilt National (editor), 1987
Fine Art Quilts: Works by Artists of the Contemporary Quilt Art Association, by Contemporary Quilt Art Association (editor), 1997
Le Rouvray--Paris France, by Obaldia, Diana, 1994
Nancy Crow: Work in Transition, by Crow, Nancy, 1992
New Quilt 1, The: Dairy Barn, by Quilt National (editor)
New Quilts: Interpretations & Innovations, by Quilt National (editor), 1989
New Wave Quilt Collecctions, by Segawa, Setsuko, Ed.
Oxymorons, by Hire, Diane, 2001
Photograph Album #1, by EBHQ Symposium (editor), 1984
Photograph Album #2, by EBHQ Symposium (editor), 1984
President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts, by Walen, Audrey, Ed., 2009
Progressive Quilt, by Segawa, Setsuko, 1991
Quilt Artistry, by Jinzenji, Yoshiko, 2002
Quilt Australia, by Quilter's Guild Women '88, The (editor), 1988
Quilt Digest, The, by Kile, Michael (editor), 1985
Quilt Digest, The, by Kile, Michael (editor), 1986
Quilt Digest, The, by Kile, Michael (editor), 1987
Quilt Digest, The, by Kiracofe & Kile (editor), 1983
Quilt Digest, The, by Kirakofe & Kile (editor), 1984
Quilt National 1997: Contemporary Quilts, by Lark Books (publisher), 1997
Quilt National 2002, by Lark Books (publisher), 2002
Quilt National 2005, by Lark Books (publisher), 2005
Quilt National 2007, by Lark Books (publisher), 2007
Quilt National 2009, by Lark Books & Dairy Barn Arts Center (publisher), 2009
Quilt Visions 2002: An Exhibition of Forty-five Quilts, by A Visions Publications (publisher), 2002
Quilt Visions 2008: Contemporary Expressions, by A Visions Publication (publisher), 2008
Quilt Visions: Art Quilts: A Celebration, by Shaw, Robert intro. (editor)
Quilt, The: New Directions for an American Tradition, by Roe, Nancy (editor), 1983
Quiltmaker's Art, The: Contemporary Quilts and their Makers, by Mattera, Joanne (editor), 1982
Quilts & Quilting--Quilts from Threads, by Taunton Press (publisher), 1991
Quilts--A Tradition of Variations, by EBHQ Quilt Exhibit Catalog (editor), 1982
Quilts: The State of an Art 1985, by Schiffer Publishing (publisher), 1985
Robert Shaw Quilts: A Living Tradition, by Hugh Lauter Levin Assoc. Inc. (publisher)
Roots of Racism, The: Ignorance and Fear, An Exhibition of Contemporary American Quilts, by Art in Embassies Program (publisher), 2003
Speaking in Cloth, 6 Quilters, 6 Voices, by Johnston, Ann & Meyer, Jeannette DeNicolis, 2006
Twentieth Century's Best American Quilts, The, by Austin, Mary Leman, Ed., 1999
Visions: Quilt Art, by C&T, Quilt San Diego (publisher), 1996
Visions: Quilts of a New Decade, by C&T, Quilt San Diego (publisher), 1990
Visions: Quilts--Layers of Excellence, , 1994
Visions: The Art Quilt 2006, by C&T, Quilt San Diego (publisher), 2006
Visions: The Art of the Quilt, , 1992
Women of Taste, by Bilik, Jen, Ed. (editor), 1999

Color & Design
Art & Inspirations, by McDowell, Ruth B.
Art & Inspirations, by Montano, Judith Baker, 1997
Art Quilt Workbook, by Davila, Jane & Waterston, Elin
Art Quilts at Play, by Davila, Jane & Waterston, Elin, 2009
Art: Inspiration, by Porcella, Yvonne
Collage + cloth = quilt, by Blaydon, Judi Warren, 2010
Color & Composition for the Creative Quilter, by Masopust, Katie Pasquini
Color & Design on Fabric, by Singer Design (publisher)
Color By Accident: Low-Water Immersion Dying, by Johnston, Ann, 1997
Color Harmony for Quilts: A Quiltmaker's Guide to Exploring Color, by Weeks, Ringle & Kerr, Bill, 2002
Color and Cloth, by Penders, Mary Coyne, 1989
Color from the Heart, by Perry, Gai, 1999
Color:Quilter's Guide, The, by Barnes, Christine, 1997
Colorfull Angles, by Stein, Susan, 1993
Colorplay, by Wolfrom, Joen
Curves in Motion, by Dales, Judy B., 1998
Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter, by Masopust, Katie Pasquini, 2008
Designer's Guide to Color, by Stockton, James
Designer's Guide to Color 3, by Allen, Jeanne
Designs Essentials, by Torrence, Lorraine
Drafting & Design Simplified, by Dunn, Sarah Sachs (editor), 2002
Fabric Makes the Quilt, by Horton, Roberta
Fantasy Fabrics, by McCaffrey, Bonnie
Fearless Design for Every Quilter, by Torrence, Lorraine & Mills, Jean B., 2009
Fiberarts Design Book Five, by Batchelder, Ann (editor)
Fiberarts Design Book Seven, by Kieffer, Susan Mowery (editor)
Fiberarts Design Book Six, by Orban, Nancy (editor)
Fiberarts Design Book Three, by Mathews, Kate, 1987
Fiberarts Design Book, The, by Of Fiberarts Magazine (editor), 1980
Freedom in Design, by Rozmyn, Mia
In the Studio with Judy Murrah, by Murrah, Judy
Intuitive Color & Design, by Wells, Jean, 2009
Isometric Perspective--From Baby Blocks to Dimensional Design in Quilts, by Pasquini-Masopust, Katie, 1992
Light & Shadows: Optical Illusion in Quilts, by McKelvey, Susan
Magical Effects of Color, The, by Wolfrom, Joen
Make Any Block Any Size, by Wolfrom, Joen, 1999
Mandala, by Pasquini, Katie, 1983
Nature of Design, The, by Colvin, Joan
Pattern Motifs, by McCallum, Graham
Quilt Designs from Decorative Floor Tiles, by Porter, Christine, 2003
Quilter's Book of Design, by Johnston, Ann
Ruth B. McDowell's Design Workshop, by McDowell, Ruth B.
Story Quilts, by Mashuta, Mary
Symmetry: A Design System for Quiltmakers, by McDowell, Ruth, 2009
Velda Newman: A Painter's Approach to Quilt Design, by Newman, Velda with Barnes, Christine
Visual Coloring, by Wolfrom, Joen
Visual Dance, The, by Wolfrom, Joen, 1995
Viva Venezia!, by Porter, Christine, 2009
Yvonne Porcella: A Colorful Book, by Porcella, Yvonne

Crazy Quilting
Crazy Quilt Handbook, The, by Montano, Judith Baker
Crazy Quilt Oddesey--Adventures in Victorian Quilting, by Montano, Judith, 1991
Crazy Quilting, by Dabbs, Christine
Crazy Quilts, by McMorris, Penny, 1984
Magic of Crazy Quilting, The, by Michler, J. Marsha

Dolls & Figures
Anatomy of a Doll, by Oroyan, Susanna
Designing the Doll, by Oroyan, Susanna
Fairy Book, The, by Robertson, Virginia & Friends, 1997
Finishing the Figure, by Oroyan, Susanna
Rag Doll, The: From Plain to Fancy, by Bailey, Elinor Peace, 1994

Basic Seminole Patchwork, by Bradkin, Cheryl Greider, 1990
Folkwear Book of Ethnic Clothing, The, by Parker, Mary S., 2004
Global Expressions, by Shepard, Lisa, 2004
H'Mong Batik: A Textile Tradition from Laos, by Mallinson, Jane; Donnelly, Nancy & Hang, Ly, 1988
Ikat Textiles of India, by Desai, Chelna
Molas: Folk Art of the Cuna Indians, by Parker, Ann & Neal, Avon, 1977
Safari Through African Folklore Embroidery, by Raikin, Leora, Ed., 2007
Simply Seminole, by Hanisko, Dorothy

Fabric Crafts
Fabric Art Collage, by Meier, Rebekah, 2009
Fabric Postcards, by Warren, Judi
Fantastic Fabric Folding, by Wat, Rebecca
Fast fun & easy Fabric Boxes, by Johansen, Linda, 2004
Fast fun & easy Fabric Vases, by Johnsen, Linda, 2005
Fast fun & easy Home Accents, by Archer, Pam, 2006
Fast, Fun & Easy Creative Fabric Clocks, by Koolish, Lynn
Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls, by Johansen, Linda, 2004
Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Postcards, by Kohler, Franki
Flower Pounding, by Frischkorn, Ann & Sandrin, Amy, 2000
Simply Napkins, by Brown, Gail & Mulari, Mary

14,287 Pieces of Fabric and Other Poems, by Laury, Jean Ray, 1994
Arkansas Traveler, by Fowler, Earlene
Broken Dishes, by Fowler, Earlene
Dove in the Window, by Fowler, Earlene, 1998
Fool's Puzzle, by Fowler, Earlene
Goose in the Pond, by Fowler, Earlene
Irish Chain, by Fowler, Earlene, 1995
Kansas Troubles, by Fowler, Earlene, 1996
Mariner's Compass, by Fowler, Earlene
Seven Sisters, by Fowler, Earlene
Steps to the Altar, by Fowler, Earlene

America's Glorious Quilts, by Duke, Dennis & Harding, Deborah, 1987
America's Quilts & Coverlets, by Safford, Carleton L. & Bishop, Robert, 1980
American Bandanna, The, by Weiss, Hillary, 1990
American Quiltmaking 1970-2000, by Levie, Eleanor, 2004
Anonymous Was A Woman, by Bank, Mirra, 1979
Arkansas Quilts, by Arkansas Quilters Guild (editor), 1987
Artists in Aprons: Folk Art by American Women, by Dewhurst, C. Kurt, MacDowell, Betty & MacDowell, Marsha, 1979
Celebrate Great Quilts! 1825-1940, by Bresenham, Karey P.
Civil War Women: Their Quilts, Their Roles, Activities for Re-Enactors, by Brackman, Barbara, 2000
Cloth & Comfort, by Kiracofe, Roderick, 1994
Clues in the Calico, by Brackman, Barbara
Gathered in Time: Utah Quilts & Their Makers, Settlement to 1950, by Covington, Kate
Gatherings: America's Quilt Heritage, by Sullivan, Kathlyn, 1995
Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts & Their Makers, by Frost, Helen Young, 1992
Great American Quilts Book Nine, by Wilens, Patricia, Ed., 2001
Great Lakes, Great Quilts, by MacDowell, Marsha, Ed. (editor)
Hearts & Hands: The Influences of women & Quilts on American Society, by Ferrero, P., Hedges, E., Silber, J.
History of the Patchwork Quilt, by VonGwinner, Schnoppe
Ho! For California, by Laury, Jean Ray
Homage to Amanda, by Binney, Edwin 3rd & Binney-Winslow, Gail, 1984
In the Heart of Pennsylvania--19th & 20th Century Quiltmaking Traditions, by Lasansky, Jeannette
Life & Times of Lucy Hilty, by Davis, Marilyn
Lone Stars II: A Legacy of Texas Quilts 1936-1986, by Bresenham, Karoline Patterson & Puentes, Nancy O'Bryant
Lone Stars, A Legacy of Texas Quilts 1836-1936, by Bresenham, Karoline & Puentes, Nancy, 1986
My Mother's Quilts: Designs from the Thirties, by Nephew, Sara, 1988
New England Quilt Museum Quilts, by Gilbert, Jennifer
North Carolina Quilts, by Roberson, Ruth
Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Make Them, by Finley, Ruth E., 1929
Patterns of Progress: Quilts in the Machine Age, by Brackman, Barbara, 1997
Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated, by Houck, Carter
Quilt Works Across Canada, by Hunt, Gail P., 1996
Quilter's Wisdm, A: Conversations with Aunt Jane, by Hall, Eliza Calvert, 1994
Quilts & Women of the Mormon Migration, by Cross, Mary Bywater, 1996
Quilts and Influences, by Crow, Nancy
Quilts in Community--Ohio's Traditions, by Clark, Ricky with Ohio Quilt Research Project, 1991
Quilts of Indiana, by Indiana Quilt Registry Project (editor)
Quilts of Indiana: Crossroads of Memories, by Indiana Quilt Registry Project (editor)
Quilts of Tennessee, The, by Ramsey, Bets & Waldvogel, Merikay, 1986
Quilts of the British Isles, by Rae, Janet
Quilts: A Tradition of Variations, by EBHQ (publisher), 1982
Quilts: American Antique Quilts, by Nohara, Chuch, 1981
Quilts: American Antique Quilts, by Nohara, Chuck, ed. (editor), 1981
Quilts: California Bound, California Made 1840-1940, by Fox, Sandi, 2002
Remember Me: Women & Their Friendship Quilts, by Lipsett, Linda Otto, 1985
Smithsonian Treasury, The--American Quilts, by Bowman, Doris, 1991
Soft Covers for Hard Times: Quiltmaking and the Great Depression, by Waldvogel, Merikay, 1990
Somewhere in Between: Quilts & Quilters of Illinois, by Barber, Rita Barrow, 1986
Southern Quilts: A New View, by Ramsey, Bets, 1991
State of the Art Quilt, The, by Packer, Barbara (editor), 1985
The American Quilt, by Kiracofe, Roderick, 1993
Treasures in the Trunk: Quilts of the Oregon Trail, by Cross, Mary Bywater, 1993
Treasury of American Quilts, by Nelson, Cyril I. & Houck, Carter, 1982
Twentieth Century Quilts 1900-1950, by Woodard, Thomas K. & Greenstein, Blanche, 1988
Uncoverings 1980, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1980
Uncoverings 1981, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1981
Uncoverings 1982, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1982
Uncoverings 1983, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1983
Uncoverings 1984, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1984
Uncoverings 1985, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1985
Uncoverings 1986, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1986
Uncoverings 1987, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1987
Uncoverings 1988, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1988
Uncoverings 1989, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1989
Uncoverings 1990, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1990
Uncoverings 1991, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1991
Uncoverings 1992, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1992
Uncoverings 1993, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1993
Uncoverings 1994, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1994
Uncoverings 1995, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1995
Uncoverings 1996, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1996
Uncoverings 1997, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1997
Uncoverings 1998, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1998
Uncoverings 1999, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 1999
Uncoverings 2000, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2000
Uncoverings 2001, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2001
Uncoverings 2002, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2002
Uncoverings 2004, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2004
Uncoverings 2005, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2005
Uncoverings 2006, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2006
Uncoverings 2007, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2007
Uncoverings 2008, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2008
Uncoverings 2008, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2008
Uncoverings 2009, by American Quilt Study Group (publisher), 2009
Women & Their Quilts: A Washington State Centennial Tribute, by Twelker, Nancyann Johanson, 1988
Wrapped in Glory, by Fox, Sandi, 1990

Arts of Japan I: Design Motifs, by Mizoguchi, Saburo, 1973
Asian Elegance, by Pippen, Kitty & Pippen, Sylvia, 2004
Changing Seasons, The: Quilt Patterns from Japan, by Liddell, Jill, 1992
Circles of the East, by Sudo, Kumiko, 1997
East Quilts West, by Sudo, Kumiko, 1992
East Quilts West II, by Sudo, Kumiko
Folded Flowers: Fabric Origami with a Twist of Silk Ribbon, by Sudo, Kumiko, 2002
Japanese Inspirations, by Haigh, Janet
Japanese Quilt Art, by Segawa, Setsuko, 1991
Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix & Match, by Briscoe, Susan
Japanese Quilting: Sashiko, by Takano, Hiromitsu, 1993
Japanese Quilts, by Liddell, Jill, 1988
Japanese Stencil Designs, by Tuer, Andrew W.
Kimono Inspiration: Art & Art-To-Wear in America, The, by Stevens, Rebecca A.T., 1996
Quilt Art III, by Segawa, Setsuko
Quilt Art of Japan: Japanese Quilt Art IV, by Segawa, Setsuko
Quilting with Japanese Fabrics, by Pippen, Kitty
Sashiko: Japanese Traditional Hand Stitching, by Takeda, Ai
Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing, by Wada, Yoshiko Iwamoto, Rice, Mary Kellogg, Barton, Jane, 1999
Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook, The, by Briscoe, Susan

Landscape & Nature
Along the Garden Path, by Wells, Jean & Wells, Valori, 2001
Everything Flowers: Quilts from the Garden, by Wells, Jean & Valori, 1996
From a Quilter's Garden, by Swain, Gabrielle, 1996
Garden-Inspired Quilts, by Wells, Jean & Wells, Valori
In A Patchwork Garden, by Bolton, Janet
Landscapes & Illusions, by Wolfrom, Joen, 1990
Meadowbrook Quilts, by Van Bockel, Jean, 2003
Nature's Studio, by Colvin, Joan
Quilted Garden, The, by Sassaman, Jane
Quilts from Nature, by Colvin, Joan, 1993
Simply Landscapes, by Sisneros, Judy, 1994

Little Book of Little Quilts, by Guerrier, Katharine
Small Scale Quiltmaking, by Collins, Sally

Benni Harper's Quilt Album, by Fowler, Earlene
Christmas Quilt, The, by Chiaverini, Jennifer
Cradle That Grandpa Built, The, by Smith, Lura Schwarz, 1997
No Time on my Hands, by Snyder, Grace, 1963
Quilter's Apprentice, The, by Chiaverini, Jennifer, 1999
Quilter's Legacy, The, by Chiaverini, Jennifer, 2004
Runaway Quilt, The, by Chiaverini, Jennifer, 2003

Painting, Dyeing & Stamping
Creating With Paint, by Kahn, Sherril, 2001
Creative Surface Design: Painting, Stamping, Stenciling & Embossing Fabric & More, by Scrivano, Sandy, 2002
Dye Painting, by Johnson, Ann, 1992
Dyeing and Overdyeing, by Tescher, Judy Mercer
Dyeing in Plastic Bags, by Deighan, Helen, 2001
Dyeing to Quilt, by Mori, Joyce & Myerberg, Cynthia
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fabric Painting, by Kennedy, Jill & Varrall, Jane, 1994
Fabric Painting, by Innes, Miranda, 1996
Fabric Stamping Handbook, The, by Laury, Jean Ray, 2002
Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Dyeing, by Koolish, Lynn, 2008
Skydyes, by Lawler, Mickey

Paper & Foundation Piecing
Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks, by Doak, Carol, 2002
Easy Machine Paper Piecing, by Doak, Carol, 1994
Make It Simpler Paper Piecing, by Solomon, Anita
One Hundred One Foundation Pieced Quilt Blocks, by Causee, Linda

101 Nine Patch Quilts, by Michell, Marti, 2000
A Colourful Journey, by Fassett, Kaffe et al, 2003
Bargello Quilts, by Edie, Marge, 1994
Best-Loved Quilt Patterns, Vol. 1, by Oxmoor House, Inc. (publisher), 1993
Best-Loved Quilt Patterns, Vol. 2, by Oxmoor House, Inc. (publisher), 1993
Better Homes & Garden 501 Quilt Blocks, by Lewis, Joan & Chiles, Lynette, 1994
Block Magic, by Johnson-Srebro, Nancy
Block Party, by McCloskey, Marsha
Bonnet Girls: Patterns of the Past, by Scott, Helen R., 2001
Calico & Beyond, by Horton, Roberta
Caravan of Quilts, by Fassett, Kaffe
Circle A Round, by Phillips, Cheryl, 2004
Circle Play, by Pakusich, Reynola
Collaborative Quilting, by Moran, Freddy & Marston, Gwen
Colorwash Bargello Quilts, by Williams, Beth Ann
Colourwash Quilts, by Amsden, Deidre, 1994
Cotton Candy Quilts, by Mashuta, Mary
Create A Quilt, by Mori, Joyce, 1999
Creative Pattern Book, by Martin, Judy
Cut-Loose Quilts, by Mullen, Jan
Elm Creek Quilts, by Chiaverini, Jennifer & Odom, Nancy
Fan Quilt Favorites, by Cleveland, Susan Ramey
Fast-Folded Flower Quilts and Bags, by Farson, Laura, 2004
Fat Quarter Quilts, by Hawley, M'liss Rae
Freddy's House, by Moran, Freddy
Free Style Quilts, by Carlson, Susan
From the Cover, by Austin, Mary Leman
Fun with Fat Quarters, by Martin, Nancy J., 1994
Glorious Patchwork, by Fassett, Kaffe
Go Wild With Quilts--Again, by Rolfe, Margaret
Hunter Star Quilts & Beyond, by Krentz, Jan, 2003
Impressionist Palette, by Perry, Gai, 1995
Impressionist Palette, by Perry, Gai, 1997
It's Okay if You Sit on My Quilt Book, The, by Hopkins, Mary Ellen, 1982
Kaffe Fassett's Museum Quilts, by Fassett, Kaffe
Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road, by Fassett, Kaffe et al, 2005
Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun, by Fassett, Kaffe
Kaleidoscope Quilt, by Burns, Eleanor, 1996
Kaleidoscope of Quilts, by Fassett, Kaffe
Kaleidoscope: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, by Smith, Barbara & Combs, Ruth Ann (editor), 1999
Kaleidoscopes & Quilts, by Nadelstern, Paula, 1996
Kindred Creatures, by Burch, Laurel
Log Cabin with a Twist, by Kaempfer, Barbara
Magic Quilted Mandalas, by Finkelstein, Sheila, 1999
Magic Stack-N-Whack Quilts, by Reynolds, Bethany S.
Magical 4-Patch & 9-Patch Quilts, by Porcella, Yvonne
Magical Hexagons, by Thompson, Martha
Make Your Own Great Quilts, by Parks, Carol, 1995
Mariner's Compass Quilts, by Mathieson, Judy
More Elm Creek Quilts, by Chiaverini, Jennifer, 2008
New Look at Log Cabin Quilts, A, by Glover, Flavin, 2004
One-Block Wonders, by Rosenthal, Maxine, 2005
One-Block Wonders Encore!, by Rosenthal, Maxine & Pelzmann, Jay, 2008
Passionate Patchwork: Over 20 Original Quilt Designs, by Fassett, Kaffe with Prior, Lucy Liza, 2001
Patchwork & Quilting Book #1, by Fassett, Kaffe, 1999
Patchwork & Quilting Book #2, by Fassett, Kaffe, 1987
Patchwork & Quilting Book #3, by Fassett, Kaffe, 2001
Patchwork Persuasion, by Wolfrom, Joen, 1997
Patchwork Pilgrimage, by Liddell, Jill
Patchwork Portfolio, by Beyer, Ginny, 1989
Patchwork Quilts Made Easy Revised, 2nd Edition, by Wells, Jean, 2003
Pattern Play, by Speckmann, Doreen, 1993
Pattern on Pattern, by McDowell, Ruth B., 1991
Phenomenal Fat Quarters, by Hawley, M'Liss Rae
Pieced Flowers, by McDowell, Ruth
Pieced Vegetables, by McDowell, Ruth, 2002
Pineapple Passion, by Smith, Nancy, 1989
Plain & Fancy, by Schorsch, Anita, 1992
Puzzle Quilts, by Nadelstern, Paula
Q is for Quilt, by McClun, D. & Nownes, L.
Quick Quilting, by Ritter, Kim H., 1997
Quilt I.D. Book--4,000 Illustrated & indexed Patterns, by Rehmel, Judy, 1986
Quilt Projects by Machine, by Singer (publisher)
Quilted Diamonds 2, by Franz, Linda
Quilter's Album of Blocks & Borders, The, by Beyer, Ginny, 1980
Quilter's Bounty, by Strobel, Robin, 2004
Quilter's Complete Guide, by Fons, Marianne & Porter, Liz
Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt, by Michell, Marti, 1998
Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking, by McClun, Diana & Nownes, Laura
Radiant New York Beauties, by Wells, Valerie, 2004
Reversible Quilts, by Pederson, Sharon, 2002
Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts, by Tims, Ricky, 2004
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