Workshop Display Entry Information

Results of EBHQ Workshops

We will be displaying quilts and 3-dimensional pieces made in EBHQ workshops or using techniques learned in our workshops. The goal of the exhibit is to showcase a wide range of techniques, materials, and designs, publicize our guild’s activities, and promote involvement
in our workshops and guild. We welcome all submissions. The sooner we receive actual entries,
the better we will be able to design the exhibit, and the more entries we may be able to include.

• You may submit multiple entries; each must be accompanied by separate forms.  Get Entry Form here.
• You may submit entries for the workshop promotion wall in addition to any quilt(s) or garment(s) you submit to the main body of
the show.
• We prefer work submitted to be completed, but work in progress may be considered if it clearly illustrates a process learned (dye
painting samples, etc).
• Acceptance of your entry and completed paperwork does not guarantee that your work will be exhibited as space is limited.
• If your work is not exhibited for any reason you will be notified by March 12, 2014 to make arrangements to return it to you.
• By submitting your entry, you give permission for your name to be used and your entry to be photographed, videotaped, displayed
on a Web site, or used in any publicity deemed appropriate by EBHQ or its representatives.
• The maximum size for a quilt is 60 inches by 60 inches.
EBHQ Workshops

• Each quilt must have a 4 inch sleeve securely sewn to the back of the quilt one inch below the top edge of the quilt and a label with your name and address securely attached to the back of the quilt.
• Three-dimensional pieces must have a hidden tag securely attached to the item, with the maker’s name and address written on it.
• Read and sign the section at the bottom of the entry form for the Insurance Waiver and Assumption of Loss Release.
Preferred submission method: Deliver your workshop entry and the completed / signed entry and pick-up / receipt forms together. However, you may submit a completed and signed entry form with a 4” x 6” color photograph (no slides) of your entry by mail. On the reverse side of the photo, print your name, the entry title, and write “TOP” to indicate the top of the item submitted. Then deliver your entry item accompanied by the pick up / receipt form by Saturday, March 15, 2014.
Workshop entries must be delivered and picked up, they cannot be shipped. If you cannot deliver/pick up yourself, you
may have someone else deliver/pick up for you, or call one of the contacts below to make special arrangements.

Important Dates:

Monday, January 27, 2014
Early delivery of paperwork and entry at Meeting – at Workshop Table

Thursday, February 14, 2014
 Postmark deadline to mail entry form(s) and photos to:
Pamela J. Jensen, 1541 Rancho View Dr., Lafayette, CA 94549

Monday, February 24, 2014
 Delivery of paperwork and/or entry at Meeting – at Workshop Table

Saturday, March 15, 2014
 Final delivery of Workshop Wall item(s) to the home of Deanna Davis:
 210 Crocker Ave, Piedmont, CA between 10am – 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday, March 22 – 23, 2014
 Voices in Cloth 2014 quilt show at Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, CA

Sunday, March 23, 2014
 Pick up entries at 5:30 pm at Craneway Pavilion, Richmond, CA

Monday, March 24, 2014
 Pick up remaining show entries at the home of Deanna Davis:
 210 Crocker Ave, Piedmont, CA between noon – 6 pm

Questions? Contact: Pamela Jensen