Win these quilts! (for info on where to see these quilts live and purchase a chance...see below)


Improv Logs and Ladders         70"x80"

Designed by Marcia Alpert

When asked to design a raffle quilt for Voices In Cloth 2020 , I knew I wanted something loosely based on a traditional log cabin design, but something improvisational, with lots of interest and variety in the shapes and the colors.

The red centers speak to the traditional “hearths” of the log cabin. These are pieced from many reds and shaped into wonky quadrilaterals. So the green and blue “logs” start out off kilter
before they are reigned in to a grid of 10” square blocks.

Orna Pascal contributed the batik ladders for additional accent and the introduction of a little orange and gold into the color scheme.

Blocks contributed by:

Joan Sextro, Loraine Oller, Jennie Alexich, Judy Jensen, Lynn Koolish, Lily Pang, Ina Clausen,Jean Wolslegal, Priscilla Read, Edy Brady, Orna Pascal.

Quilted by Terry Carpenter at Hello Stitch

Where to buy tickets

Tickets for a chance to win these quilts will be available at guild meetings, drop-ins, at Bay Quilts and these venues:  

July 4 El Cerrito One World Celebration
July 17 Diablo Valley Quilters/Walnut Creek 
August 11 & 12 Pajaro Valley/Watsonville guild
September 8 Solano Stroll
October 27th East Bay Mini Maker Faire 
January 23-26, 2020 Road to California 
February 11 & 12 Folsom Guild 
February 18th San Francisco Quilt Guild

Raffle Tickets:  $1 each for either quilt, 6 tickets for $5, 100 for $50

The drawing was held on March 22...and... 

Congratulations to Pemba Pierini who won Rhythm and Hues

…. and to Norma Adwere-Boamah who won Improv Logs and Ladders.



Rhythm & Hues      84"x84"

This spectacular bed sized quilt is the result of a deep collaboration between Sue Fox and Julia McLeod, AKA Silk and Salvage (  Silk front, with cotton back and wool batting, Rhythm & Hues merges Julia’s love of precise fabric foundation piecing with Fox's flair for improvisation, along with both women’s keen color sense.  It’s further enhanced by Fox's playful long-arm quilting.

 Already an award winner, this unique work of art could grace your home.  A little luck and a fistful of raffle  tickets will help make it so, while supporting the work of EBHQ.

Artist’s Statement:

As with all of our collaborations, Rhythm & Hues started with a color story.  Fox had a vision of brightly colored solids on a black background, incorporating a special
selection of patterned neckwear silks, and staged as a set of columns.  Julia dove into Fox’s massive stash of solids and went a bit wild with her fabric selection!  Julia then proceeded to make the stunning Flying Geese strip, the Grandmother’s Fan strip, and a few Kaleidoscope blocks before turning the whole project back over to Fox.

Not to be outdone by Julia’s artistry, Fox built the Bisected Boxes (gotta love those polka dot strips), the Lattice Quadrants (with coral intersections), and the Spiky Saw-tooth strips.

Julia jumped back in, adding the New York Beauty segments to connect the Kaleidoscope blocks, set on point, for the central panel.

Fox created the final layout, carefully balancing out the various elements and using the 4 slender coral strips to add a bit of punctuation.  The central section provided some lovely open space for quilting, and the entire piece was a joy to quilt.  

As a collaboration, Julia and Fox feel that Rhythm & Hues is one of our finest to date, and we had a ball making this quilt.  In fact, we had so much fun with the project, that we have replicated the piece using wintery blues and creamy whites as an alternate color-way— it is a completely different look and we love it just as much.

Working with silk is not as difficult as one might think, but it does take a certain mind-set and there are a few useful tricks to make it successful.  We love to teach the
essentials of working with silk and to share our most successful strategies.  Everyone seems to have a handful of neckties or favorite silk garments or yardage— our goal is to assist quilters gain confidence in using these gorgeous materials.
2019 —Sue Fox and Julia McLeod, of

Quilt photos by C&T Publishing