EBHQ educational sessions are held the last Monday of the month, excluding July and December. Our May session is held the next-to-last Monday because of Memorial Day. We start to gather at 6:30 to greet one another, view displayed quilts, find pamphlets describing regional quilting events, or check out books from our extensive library.  Brief announcements start at 7:30 p.m., followed by a featured speaker from the quilting world. Guest admission is $5.   Map for Educational Sessions
                                                                   photo by Rachel Holmen

Speaker Velda Newman's award winning quilt, Zinnia, (88" X 211") is admired at a recent EBHQ meeting.

October 28, 2019

Denise Oyama Miller - Painting with My Scissors


Denise’s presentation will cover her art quilt journey, focusing on her series work on trees, the Western landscape, nature, and abstract work. Denise thinks of her art quilts as paintings created with scissors and fabric, instead of brushes and paint.  

November 25, 2019
Joan Sextro

EBHQ Annual  Show & Tell

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January 27, 2020

Kevin Kosbab - Mid-Century Modern Quilts


The 1950s through 1970s produced some fabulous design that still remains current today, but did mid-century modern styles influence quilting? While pointing out period quilt artists who did work in an identafiably MCM style, the lecture also considers why there weren’t more of them, and how he looks to other areas of mid-century design to bring the flavor of this exciting period to his quilts. The accompanying slide show will show historical quilts and other source material from his ongoing research, while his MCM-influenced quilts will be presented in trunk-show style.

February 24, 2020

Laura Wasilowski- Where Did I Go Wrong: Confessions of a Serial Quilter

Explore the artist’s quirky mind with this lecture about quilt making in a series. Enjoy the revelation that one chicken quilt will surely lead to a second, third, or fortieth. Discover what drives a person to create multiple quilts about a blue chair, garden implements, or unsung kitchen appliances. All is revealed in this exposé, the Confessions of a Serial Quilter. After the lecture, which includes dramatic renditions from Songs of the Fuser, Laura will display her small art quilts, answer questions, and offer a trunk show of hand-dyed fabric and threads from the Artfabrik dye shop.