EBHQ Members:  We are Looking for a Program Co-Chair

Workshops and lectures are keys elements of EBHQ mission and activities. Program chairs are the ones who make it happen.

We have one Program Co-Chair, but we are still looking for another Program Co-chair who can:

• Help select upcoming speakers/visiting artists for workshops and lectures.

• Take speakers/visiting artists to dinner before the Monday Educational Session or arrange for someone else to take them.

• Be at the Monday Educational Sessions to:

o Set up the projector & computer (it’s not hard, there’s lots of help if you need it), if you aren’t available for some meetings, back-ups are available to cover for you.

o Help the visiting artist hang quilts, set up tables, etc. (also not hard, lots of help is available).

o Prepare and present the information on the upcoming EBHQ workshops and lectures. (easy, just use the existing template).

o Introduce the evening’s speaker/visiting artist.

o Help the speaker/visiting artist get packed up at the end of the evening.


• You and your Co-chair get to select the upcoming speakers/visiting artists for workshops and lectures.

• You get to spend time with and get to know the fabulous visiting artists.

• You’ll get to know more EBHQ members.

• You’ll be helping to keep our workshops and lectures fantastic!

Any questions? Email Lynn Koolish at EBHQprograms@gmail.com