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To Do List

Monthly Updates


Upload pdf of Newsletter as provided by Newsletter staff to Google Drive.  Change share options to "anyone with link." Click box "Open in new window."

Update Home Page and Newsletter Page with the correct verbage and create new link to new document.

After ebhq general meeting:

remove old workshop information from home page and workshop page

Add next workshop information to home page.

remove speaker from speaker page.  Add speaker's name and website url to Previous Speaker page.

New Speaker/Workshops

Update Speaker Page, Workshop Page

Upload Speaker Photos to Picasa Web Album entitled Speaker Photos

Upload Supply List in pdf form to Google Drive, change share options to "anyone with link"

Copy and Paste information about the speaker and workshops provided by Programs into approprate place.  Insert photos in appropriate places

Create link to supply list.  Be sure to check the box that reads "Open in New Window"

Add workshops to Calendar

Other Updates

Activities and Shows often require that photos be uploaded to Picasa and forms in pdf format be uploaded to Google Drive.

Maintaining the Gallery Tab

How to

Text standards. 

For consistency purposes, text definitions have been created and are available under the "Format" heading in the editor.

Link definitions.  Currently, links are red and bolded.

Tables - tables are inserted into pages to help with placement of text and graphics.  After inserting the table, click <HTML> in editor options and change the Border option from a 1 to a 0 so that the border will not be visible on the website.

<table style="border-collapse:collapse;border-color:rgb(136,136,136);border-width:1px" border="0" bordercolor="#888" cellspacing="0">