Come join our guild. Quilters of all ages and interests flourish in EBHQ's nourishing atmosphere during monthly Educational Sessions and daytime Workshops featuring outstanding teachers from the quilting world. Our educational sessions are held the last Monday evening of the month, excluding July and December. May is the next-to-last Monday because of Memorial Day. Starting at 6:30 p.m. we visit, view displayed quilts, or choose books from our extensive library.  Brief announcements start at 7:30, followed by our featured speaker. Guest admission is $5.   Map for Educational Sessions

Each month we celebrate quilting together at Drop-In sewing days and community service activities.  Hover over the Home tab in the Navigation Bar to find further information about our guild.

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quilt by Malleva Abenes          photo by Susan Peck

What's New

Coming Soon! EBHQ's Silent Auction will be held at the April Educational Session.  Read all about how you can participate here.

EBHQ's annual Show & Tell photos are here.

We had a great time at EBHQ's 40th anniversary party.  Take a look at some of our history in photos.

April Knot is here.


Coming Soon

Time to Sign Up For Workshops!

See registration details on Workshop Registration page, and upcoming classes on Workshop Page.

April, 2019: Yoshiko Wada

Saturday & Monday, April 27 & 29 (two day workshop) - Transformative Surfaces: Quilting on Wool with Cotton, Silk and Polyester

For millennia, people have created practical warm garments using the process of felting (raw fleece) or fulling (woven cloth), agitating wool fibers until their microscopic scales “catch” each other, matting and shrinking into a denser material. In this workshop we will apply quilting techniques to this ancient method, exploring wool’s shrinking characteristics by layering fleece, yarns, and special fine gauze fabric with cotton, silk, and other non-shrinking materials through hand stitching or machine sewing. We will learn how to effectively dye with indigo on delicate wool, silk, and plant fibers by controlling pH and temperature to achieve varying intensities of blue. Through simple and selective washing and dyeing of the layered cloth, we will transform its surface, creating added dimension and texture mimicking the aesthetics of Japanese boro cloth or intense naive pieces by Nui Project.

For more information, check out the Workshop page.

Member News

EBHQ members:  Have you won an award?  Do you have a quilt in a show?  Email us so that we can feature your accomplishments here.

EBHQ member Nancy Bardach has quilt pieces in different gallery exhibitions this spring near the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  Be sure to check them out when you visit the Museum or are down in San Jose.  Click here for details.  

Did you know....?

In the last year over 1400 of our quilts have been distributed to children,teens, and others in need of comfort. Many thanks to everyone involved in these efforts!  For more information on EBHQ's Deanna Davis Community Quilt Project, click here.

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