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    Quilt Title

C036 Amelia Fernholz

Spark in the Dark

J160 Ann Mayse

Bay Trail 2

B016 Ann Rhode

River Run

D055 Ann Rhode

Ode to Patricia Nix

G123 Anne Burns Johnson

Klee City

J162 Anne Burns Johnson

Out Elmer's Window

E088 Anne-Marie Mann

Eye of the Storm

D049 Arleen Kukua

Pineapple Shave Ice

E071 Arleen Kukua

Bun Bun

G134 Barbara Edelson


A005 Barbara Sanders

Roaring 20's

H152 Barbara Sanders

33 Triangles

A007 Barbara Strick

Walk in the Forest

A009 Barbara Strick


D050 Becca Schlichtig

Wheelhouse Medallion

E074 Becca Schlichtig


M197 Betsy Livak

Grandmother’s Flower Garden

C024 Carolyn Weil

Winding Ways

C026 Carolyn Weil

Double Wedding Ring

G125 Cathy Schickler

Past Patches

G128 Cathy Schickler

Sew Together

K189 Chancy Fessler

Modern Memories

H141 Cheryl Braswell


H151 Cheryl Braswell

Morning Mist

M194 Cindi Cossen

Still & Stiller

A003 Claire Sherman

Seed Pods

J176 Claire Sherman

Still Dancing

A010 Claudia Alldredge


D064 Claudia Alldredge

Colors of Provence

F104 Corless Smith

A Few of My Favorite Things

G119 Corless Smith


A002 Diane Goff

See Change

H145 Diane Goff

Topsy Turvy

D052 Diane Kern

My RV travels

K191 Diane Kern

Challenge Accepted

E086 Diane Vecchi

Mystery Quilt 10

A008 Dorothy North


G130 Dorothy North

Tuxedo Park

E084 Emily Kenyon

Snowy Egret Stack and Whack

D054 Fern Royce

Full Circle

E087 Fern Royce

Family Genes

A011 Fredda Cassidy

The Circle Is Implied #4

F109 Fredda Cassidy


M193 Gay Parker

Memorial Quilt by and for Gay Parker titled Bull's Eye

G133 Gayle Cepparo

From a Star to a Square

I155 Gayle Cepparo

Ticky Tacky Tiny Town

D053 Gina Stateler-Calhoun

Leaves in Blue

F113 Gretchen Griswold

Stars in a Pink Sky

H146 Gretchen Griswold


F096 Hope Alper

New York State of Mind

K190 Hope Alper

Quilter's Lament

G124 Ileana Soto

V is for Voting

K178 Ileana Soto

Barbie Votes

I153 Jane Herlihy

Fallen Leaves

J163 Jane Herlihy

Let It Go!

C029 Jane Toro

Caparina Tropicana

E081 Jane Toro

Folk Magic

F108 Janet McDonald

Silk Steps

H144 Janet Duer Smith

Scrappy Flower Pots

J173 Janet Duer Smith

Knows No Bounds

C028 Jean Smith

Chubby Red Birds

C030 Jean Smith

Betsy's Fishies

D066 Jeanie Minor

Quick Nap Quilt

F094 Jeanie Minor

A Grand Ship for a Grandson

C034 Jennie Alexich

Shoofly Black and White plus Many Colors

G137 Jennie Alexich

Pinwheels for Roberta

J167 Jenny Robertson

Our Expanding Exploding Universe

A006 Jessica Phrogus

Creation Poem

F101 Jessica Phrogus

Creation Story

C032 Joan Sextro

Stash Buster #1

F106 Joan Sextro

I Love Wisteria

E089 Joannie Semitekol

Flower Power

J174 Joannie Semitekol

Sunshine and Shadows

E067 Joy Troyer

The Letter J

E068 Joy Troyer

Orcas and Glacier

B013 Joyce Teekell

Five Squared Matrix with Orange Pops

G118 Judith Yamamoto

Night Skies, Plum Blossoms

J161 Judith Yamamoto

In the Beginning

H147 Judy Armstrong

Curvy traditions

J170 Judy Armstrong

Crazy Quilt #4

D058 Julia McLeod

Samarkand Swirl

D047 Julie Waldman

Tonal Improv

E070 Julie Waldman

Giraffe party

F097 Karen Eppler


I159 Karen Eppler


F110 Karen Lee

"Going Up"

C039 Karen Springsteen

Home for the Holidays

D060 Karen Springsteen


G129 Kathleen Sullivan

You Just Never Know

K187 Kathleen Sullivan

Worry and Care

G115 Kathy Ritter

Judy White's Quilt

K185 Kathy Ritter

Dan's Quilt

B014 Kirsten Hosemann

Silk Study

D056 Kirsten Hosemann

Wheel of Fortune

C027 Laura Duggan

Swirling Stars

G136 Liat Rorer

Modern Jazz

J164 Liat Rorer

Flying Scraps

C031 Linda Gavin

Free Form Hexie Blocks

J172 Lisa Carey

Flora & Fauna

G114 Lissa Miner

Sporty Quilt!

G132 Lissa Miner

Blue Twist

G140 Liza Dodd


K184 Liza Dodd

Surround Yourself with Sunshiny People

G126 Lois Rita Helmbold

The Sun and the Moon and the Stars

C033 Lolly Schiffman

Cottage Tulips

C042 Lolly Schiffman

Forever 4 Patch

H143 Lynn Koolish

Cosmic Spiral

E083 Mabry Benson

Springerville Leftovers

F095 Mabry Benson


D063 Marcia Alpert

Toucans and Friend

E077 Marcia Alpert

Live Life Live Love

B015 Margaret Glendening

Ticky Tacky

I156 Margaret Glendening

Snake Trails

D061 Marleen Merchant


B021 Marsha Ewig

Scrap Basket Quilt

A001 Marty Suess

Woven Colors

C041 Marty Suess

Scrappy Nine Patch Set On-pointe

C025 Mary Burnett

Tea with Mrs. White

C040 Mary Burnett

Island Dreams

J169 Mary Flynn

Colorful Whimsy

D059 Mary Gilkerson

Keep Adding

F092 Mary Gilkerson

Lost and Found

D057 Mary Ann Boddum

African Odyssey

E069 Mia Mora


E075 Mia Mora

Say Goodbye

B023 Michelle Bellows

Halo Medallion Red

E078 Nadine Rosenthal


K188 Nadine Rosenthal

Soul Mirror on the Wall

G131 Nancy Bardach

The Body Electric

E079 Nancy Brown


H148 Nancy Cayton

Winding Roads

B019 Nancy Koc

Roberta's Plaids

M195 Nancy Peck

The Neighborhood

F093 Nancy Williams

Maroon Mountains and Gray Molehills

E076 Orna Pascal

Some Things Take Longer Than Others

J165 Orna Pascal

Log Cabin

F103 Pamela Braswell


D045 Pati Fried

No Rulers Need Apply

D048 Pati Fried

Improv Flying Geese

G120 Patricia Guthrie


J166 Patricia Guthrie


G138 Patt Bagdon

Quarter moon polka

K183 Patt Bagdon

Seagulls Talking at the Shore

K182 Pattie Klimek

Nursery Rhyme Quilt

H142 Pauline Marx

This New York Beauty Came From Queens

D051 Peg LaFrance

Vivian’s Quilt

I158 Peg LaFrance

Harris Tween Log Cabins

A004 Priscilla Read

Cobblestone Paths

B017 Priscilla Read

Bending Toward Justice

G135 Ramsey Moureau

Fibonacci Rhythm in Teal

K179 Ramsey Moureau

Woman with Umbrella and Sunflower

G117 Rebecca Rohrkaste

Painting Rectangles #1

I154 Rebecca Rohrkaste

Painting Rectangles #2

B020 Robin Halprin

Garden Path

F111 Robin Halprin


F099 Roxanne Schwartz

Drought 3

G122 Roxanne Schwartz

Under the Dark

K186 Ryan Young

Rawk Mom's Memories

K180 Sally Goldstein

Front Door Paint Autumn

K181 Sally Goldstein

Interrupted Vine

C038 Sally Riggs

Diamond Patch

F102 Sally Socolich


F098 Sandi Goldstein

Wonky Rectangles

J171 Sandi Goldstein

Fugitive Forest

E082 Sarah Noll

Making Waves

G127 Sharin Smelser

Looking Without Seeing

J175 Sharin Smelser

Christo's Gates

F105 Sharon Enright

Sashiko Circles

H150 Sharon Enright

Homage to Guatemala

E073 Sharon Flor

Dawn of the Dragonfly

F100 Shawn Dubin

Honoring Roberta Horton

D044 Stacey Sharman

Sun Room (Garden Lattice)

G139 Stacey Sharman

Broken Grid: Pink

C037 Sue Fox

The Migration of Falling Stars...

    (Three Strikes by Covid— a Memory Quilt)

G121 Sue Fox

2,304 RAINDROPS... (Water & Oil—

  Finding Beauty in a Poisoned World)

D046 Susan Dague

Happy Quilt VII: All Squared Up

D065 Susan Dague

Fun with Blocks

E085 Susan Fuller

Garden of Iris

D043 Susan Lambert


E090 Susan Lambert

Walking Softly

F107 Susan Taylor

Third Time's a Charm

D062 Suzanne McCulloch

A Journey Down Under

F091 Suzanne McCulloch

A Garden of Purple is Always in Bloom

G116 Tamara Haw

Retirement Dreams

B022 Tanyung Barnes


E072 Teresa McCarty


H149 Teresa McCarty


K192 Terri Carpenter

The Gnome's House

C035 Theresa Becerra

Brides Bouquet

E080 Valerie Sopher

Spontaneously Siddi

F112 Valerie Sopher

guchi guchi

B012 Vanina Doce-Mood

Expand and Release

K177 Vanina Doce-Mood

A Lady Doesn't Discuss

   The Size Of Her Stash

J168 Youngmin Lee



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