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The Lone Robin

Dear Participants:

At this stage of our project, you should be considering the focus of your composition. The eye is usually drawn to the areas of highest contrast of tone or volume. It’s fine to have a calm low contrast center if you have a dramatic border dancing around the edge of your quilt. It also works if all the visual excitement is in one quadrant of your piece, and the rest of the quilt is less busy. Improvisational, ”organic,” quilt-making (which is what this Lone Robin project is) can be more demanding when it comes to composition. Pay attention to how your eye moves across your quilt and consider our last two rounds with care. It may be time for the eye to have a place to rest- feel free to add a plain border with only low-volume motifs.

As we add a fifth element to our Lone Robin quilt, those of you who favor a traditional medallion layout will be adding another border – or maybe setting your block on point. Modern- and art quilters, can add this next theme in whatever way you choose, but it should attach to the fourth round in some way. Remember; a plain section or border with one single motif-of-the month still qualifies! Also, sewing small sashing in between rounds is totally fine. 

Now we have one more round remaining –  November, then December will be a "catch up" month and January will be the big reveal!

Keep sewing, Lone Robins!



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