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Meetup Recordings

The Elements of Design - Fredda Cassidy - November 11, 2021

Watch as Fredda introduces Element #1 - The Power of Line.  Explore how line influences the overall composition of our quilts and artwork, whether we design the piece ourselves or use purchased patterns. 

View Fredda's Presentation - 31 minutes

Extreme Log Cabin = Spiral - July 8, 2021     

The technique I use to create spirals, a favorite motif in my quilts, evolved from experiments with Log Cabin blocks.  Along with the many examples of spirals in nature such as seashells, air currents and the double helix of DNA, there are connotations of growth and natural progression that are usually delightful associations when I view my work.

View Karin's Presentation - 43 minutes

My First Quilt - May 13, 2021 

"Covered in Cobwebs”- Paula Zurowski’s ancient, but well-preserved, quilt—kicked off our “My First Quilt” evening.  Who, other than Roberta Horton, would be a fabulous resource to guide a novice through the process of choosing fabric for a classic pattern, learning how to foundation paper piece and hand quilt, not to mention how important it is to pay attention to the details when finishing your quilt?  Follow “Cobweb’s” journey from its start in an Albany Adult School class in 1976 to where it is today.

View Paula's Presentation - 17 minutes

Planning a Story Quilt Challenge - April 8, 2021                                                            

Behind the scenes look at the "Whys?" and "How to" in planning a Story Quilt Challenge. Jennie Alexich has organized two successful competitive challenges. She shared great stories and the management "nuts and bolts" from her experiences. Whether you want to run one or enter one, you'll enjoy this participatory presentation. 

View Jennie's Presentation - 49 minutes                                                                                             Photo by Obie Gilkerson

Evolution of a Quilter - September 10, 2020

Watch Meetup's September presenter, Joan Sextro, describe 53 years of fun with fabric.  Joan tells of her journey from her first quilt through current projects, showing changes in styles and techniques over time.

View Joan's Presentation - 20 minutes


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